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Meet the staff

 Details of the Staff at Denton School are listed below;


Teaching Staff

Mrs S Edwards           Executive Head Teacher

Mrs K Ambrose          Deputy Head

Miss S Croft               Class 1 Teacher

Miss M Hailes            Class 2 Teacher

Mrs C Finder              Class 3 Teacher (part time)

Mrs C Smith               Class 3 Teacher (part time) 

Mrs R Harper             SENCO (Harlaxton and Denton)


Teaching Assistants

Mrs S Baxter              Foundation Stage Practitioner (part-time)

Mrs J Green               Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Gwyther          Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Watson            Teaching Assistant



Mrs S March               School Administrator (part-time)

Mrs C Sharp                Administrative Assistant (part-time)


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs J Green                Midday Controller

Mrs J Pearce               Midday Supervisory Assistant

Mrs E Swain               Midday Supervisory Assistant



Mrs J Newman            Caretaker / cleaner  in charge



Mrs Atkinson              Piano, Flute, Saxophone and Brass Intrument Teacher


Currently no members of staff take time off from their school duties for the purpose of being a union official.


Details of our governors can be found on the Governors page