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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium (PP) is a government scheme that was introduced in 2011 to improve the education for disadvantaged children. The scheme grants schools with additional funding to enable support for the children who are faced with additional challenges including at risk of underachievement and failing to meet their educational attainment.

  • Children eligible for free school meals (FSM)
  • Children who are or have been looked after through the local authority care (PLAC/LAC)
  • Children with a parent who works for/ is retired from the Armed Forces (SCP)


At Denton CE School we recognise not all pupils who are socially disadvantaged are registered or qualify for free school meals. Therefore, we reserve the right to allocate the Pupil Premium funding to support any pupil or groups of pupils the school has legitimately identified as being vulnerable. 


We use the Pupil Premium funding to support the pupils in their educational experiences and to raise standards and attainment and close the gap between their peers. Our intent to support vulnerable pupils is by providing:

  • Quality First Teaching - Training and support to be offered to enhance the teaching and learning provided for children is rich and widens educational opportunities.
  • Interventions, Boosters and Tutoring - to employ teaching assistants to offer additional support in class to support but also for 1:1 or small group interventions to support the attainment gaps. We also employ additional teaching staff to ensure teachers can spend time conducting specific learning boosters in English or Maths.
  • Pastoral Support - We strive to promote a positive mindset for the growth of all our pupils through using our school values to create independent and well nurtured leaders. Additional to this, we offer a range of wellbeing support to help children manage their feelings and emotions.
  • Wider Curriculum Experience – We aim to give all of our children a balanced and creative curriculum, widening experienced and enhancing learning through a range of opportunities, including using Project Based Learning to enhance the delivery of teaching, inviting visiting speakers into school as well invaluable school visits and trips to enhance the projects.


If you feel your child may be eligible because of your family’s income level, please do contact the School office to register them. Even if you do not wish them to have the meals, this would mean the school could still claim Pupil Premium funding that may be used to help your child.