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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

What are Special Educational

Needs and Disabilities (SEND)?

A Special Educational Need and is a difficulty or barrier that affects a child's ability to learn and to access the curriculum.  A Disability is a long term health condition which causes a difficulty or barrier to learn or to access the curriculum.  We are committed to meeting the educational needs of all our pupils and recognise that some of our children will need additional support.


If you have any further concerns regarding SEND, this Government document will offer further reading:


Information Report and School


Below, is our personalised Information Report and Our School Offer that outlines the support the school and Federation provides for children with additional needs and disabilities. Please have a read and contact the class teacher or SEND team should you wish to discuss this further. 

For further guidance of support on offer in Lincolnshire, and our local area, we are fortunate to have access to the Family Support Directory, or Lincolnshire Local Offer. There is a wealth of resources from charities and agencies to support with specific needs. There are networking opportunities as well as links to groups and clubs. If you need any support in accessing further support for the family or home search here. We are more than happy to meet to share this fantastic resource should you wish. Follow this link:

We follow the Graduated Approach following an assess-plan-do-review cycle. Teachers regularly undertake assessments both formative and summative to review progress. Where concerns lie, interventions and boosters happen to fill the gaps or support the barriers. Your child's class teacher may then get in touch to discuss steps of progress and share their ideas for next steps.


Following on from reading the Information Report and School Offer, if you have concerns over your child's development, take a look at this flowchart to discover the next steps you could take.

If you have any concerns or complaints about the support the school provides with regards to SEND, please refer to the school's complaints policy in our policy section.

Who are the SEND team? 

Mrs Harper and Mrs Mackey lead SEND across the Grace Federation, where they work closely with the Class Teachers in monitoring progress of learners.  They offer support to Teachers in suggesting strategies and intervention Programmes that could support the gaps in learning. They offer regular observations to see the barriers to learning and offer support there too.


Mrs Whitworth is one of our Designated Safeguarding Leads and Learning Mentor trained to support children through Emotional Literacy Support (ELSA). She also families through Early Help Assessment (EHA) and Team around the Child (TAC) with liaising with other professionals. Mrs Mackey has temporarily taken over this role whilst Mrs Whitworth is on Maternity leave.


If you need to contact them, you can email them direct using the email address: or

telephone: 01476 870649 (Denton) / 01476 561077 (Harlaxton)

            Mrs. Harper                   Mrs. Mackey                        Mrs. Whitworth   

              SENDCo                    SENDCoAssistant                   Learning Mentor

SEND Parent Meetings - Summer Term 2024

Shortly you will receive a Parentmail where you will be able to book a meeting with the SEND team to discuss any concerns, learning  or wellbeing needs your child has. there will be three sessions at either Denton or Harlaxton which you can attend either school for your child's meeting. We look forward to sharing any advice or support we can to help your child and your family. 


Parent Workshop / Coffee Morning 

We were fortunate to have Sam Pittock from The Working Together Team in Lincolnshire explaining emotional regulation and strategies to support. For those unable to attend, please see the PowerPoint below that she shared. For further guidance, the Working Together Team Training Events calendar has online webinars.

Link below:


Internet Matters

Internet Matters have a great range of guides and advice hubs available for parents of neurodivergent children including connecting and sharing online, online gaming and more. Follow the link below for further support. 

Information and Policies

Recommended support networks found within the Family Service Directory and Local Offer: 

  • Lincolnshire Local Offer for SEN and Disability

  • Lincolnshire Parent Carer Forum

  • SENDIAS – SEN and Disability Information and advice service

  • Support for families with disabled children:

  • Family Support

  • GAIN – Grantham Autistic Information Network

  • Emotional Wellbeing/Behaviour Pathway

  • Children’s Community Services

  • Healthy Minds Lincolnshire

  • Liase – SEND Information, advice and support services for Lincolnshire (free, independent family support with EHCP process)

  • Challenging Behaviour

  • Autism – the National Autistic Society

  • ADHD – Lincolnshire ADHD Support Services